Evil walks the earth

Every time my daughter speaks of her dad I feel a thousand pieces of glass go through my heart.  Not only for the pain, fear and torture she suffered and still carries with her, but also for the pain and torture her cousins still suffer.


How could I have forced her to be kind to such evil?  It is unreal that I could not know this was happening within the Upton family.  It is unbelievable the sickness they carry on through their lives without consideration of the children they are hurting.  I am saddened that my words will not get through to Detective Cornejo or his supervisor with the Gilbert police dept.  Is it not the worst crime ever to abuse, torture and hurt children?  I pray every day that that this abuse has ceased and will cease with their future generations.  Who will protect these children?  How is it that no one else can speak up against Justin Upton’s disgusting behavior?


2 thoughts on “Evil walks the earth

  1. A friend shared with me how upsetting this situation has been, and linked me to your blog. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, I stand in solidarity with you and your daughter. Please contact me via email if you’d like to hear about my coping strategies.

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