Allegation spoken by Shannon

5/18/13 7:55pm
Tonight Shannon was talking about her dad and said that he hit and hurt all her cousins and even slapped her cousin Ryan while he was sitting on the couch playing video games after refusing to show him his butt.  Shannon says he didn’t even say anything to her dad.
Shannon said her dad tied up her cousin, Hillary with rope once and made her show him and family her crotch and butt.  Hillary screamed and tried to call 911 but was told they would eat her if she did.  Shannon says her teenage cousin Haley also tried to call 911 but they told her they would eat her if she dialed that phone number.  Shannon says her aunt Heather thought it was funny and didn’t care.  Shannon says they act like zombies.  Shannon says Jane acts dead like a zombie and doesn’t care or do anything.  Shannon says Jane’s boobs look like tires and one is cut up in the number 6.
Shannon says her Nana doesn’t have a heart and Jimmy doesn’t care either.  Shannon says her aunt Stephanie tries to be good but she is the only one.

5/10/13 at 6pm
Shannon stated in the car ride to grandma’s house that she is very worried for her cousin, Katie.  She states when she was 5 that she was at Nana’s house with older cousins, Dereck and Trevor swimming in the pool, her dad put a finger in her cousin Katie’s butt.  Katie said “ouch” and Shannon’s dad put a gun in her chin and told her not to tell anyone.  Shannon said she told her dad to stop it and stop hurting her cousin.  Shannon says no one else saw it – only her – because they were outside swimming in the pool. Shannon says her cousin Hillary was not there but at cheer-leading that day.


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