How my daughter behaves even though the court quickly decided it is all lies.


A six year old little girl is walking around Arizona asking “Do you know the Uptons?”.  Many respond “No-why”.  She states “because they are very rude”.

She cannot watch cheer-leading or dance shows on television because they remind her of her father dancing topless for his mother (her grandma) while swinging his shirt over his head to Party Rock.

She cannot love Princesses because her dad’s spouse dresses up in a long dress and pretends she is royalty.  Her father calls her the queen and he is the king.  They chase her with swords – put one at her neck and demand she keep their secret.

She cannot be called any names like chickie poo and runs into her room and cries because her father likes to eat the queen’s poo.

She cannot act normal around men and jumps on top of them, pokes her fingers in their rear and says every bad word she knows.

She cannot watch weddings because her father once put a wedding dress on and married his mom who was dressed in a suit.

She cannot sit quietly because she was encouraged to roar like a bear and to crawl like a cat and dog on the floor and lick the Uptons.

She cannot have her childhood because she was poked with fingers, sticks, enemas and/or catheters while the Uptons stood around her and giggled.

CPS says it is all in her head and appears to be “fantastic elements” and the Gilbert Police say since there is no physical evidence after performing a rape kit test  there is “no probable cause”.   Who do you believe?